CrossFilm Conveyor™

Pin drive conveyor machine with all-PTFE endless belt for food contact.

TCI’s CrossFilm Conveyor provides exceptional transfer of product around very small diameter rolls. The all-PTFE CrossFilm conveyor belt is FDA and USDA-approved for food contact. The rugged, pre-spliced belt is designed to slip on the machine in minutes and last for months while in service. Since it does not contain hinges like a plastic modular belt, it can be cleaned in minutes and does not require soaking. The absence of metal allows it to be an ideal replacement to wire belts. A Crossfilm Conveyor belt will avoid grease transfer contamination to food caused by stainless rubbing on stainless in a wire belt. It also will not break and destroy other belts in contact with it. A pin drive system drives and tracks the belt without slip-ping. The all-PTFE belt is reversible, long-lasting, and is a fraction of the price of plastic modular and wire belts.