THV Films

TCI’s THV 500 films are produced from THV resin (terpolymer of TFE, HFP, and VF2) by a melt extrusion casting process. It provides a combination of performance characteristics virtually unmatched by any other fluoropolymer, including the ability to bond to elastomers and hydrocarbon-based plastics, excellent flexibility, good weatherability, and excellent optical clarity. THV films/foils can be heat-sealed, thermoformed, and laminated to various substrates. These films have a relatively low processing temperature, which allows coprocessing with olefinic plastics and hydrocarbon elastomers. THV 500 is flame retardant and UV stable. THV 500 films have proven themselves to have excellent chemical and permeation resistance, as well as good dielectric properties.

THV 500 films come in standard thicknesses ranging from 0.005" and 0.010" (125 and 250 μm), with other gages available upon request. The standard width of these films is 60” (1,524 mm). Slit widths and bondable/plasma treated surfaces are available upon request. TCI’s standard color for THV 500 films is clear/natural, but we do offer custom colors on request.

Related Applications

Chemical Processing

Due to its superior chemical resistance to fuels over a broad temperature range and its low permeability to solvents and gases, THV films/foils are used in fuel and chemical tank linings, drop-in liners, and bag liners.

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Safety Glass

Excellent clarity (<1% haze), mechanical, and thermal properties make THV 500 an ideal interlayer film for lamination onto glass or sandwiched between multi-layer glass systems in order to provide fire safety and anti-shutter performance.

Photovoltaic Panels

Due to their excellent barrier properties, fire resistance, and high solar transmittance, THV 500 films are very well suited for use in the back sheet and front sheet glazing of PV panels.

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