Chemical Processing

TCI maintains our status of first in fluoropolymer capabilities by manufacturing the highest quality materials and providing optimal solutions for the chemical industry including FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, ECTFE, and THV films/foils as well as our patented CrossFilm™ material. Our 100% PTFE CrossFilm™ and melt extruded fluoropolymer films/foils have excellent chemical resistance and operate consistently in extreme temperatures. Some applications of TCI’s films include non-metallic expansion joints, roll covers, tank liners, floating roof seals, spray shields/ flange covers, protective face shields, rupture disc and chemical pump diaphragms. Highly pure chemicals can also be stored and transported in sampling bags and flexible containers made from TCI’s high-performance fluoropolymer films. TCI films can be customized to fit certain thickness and color requirements.