ETFE Films

TCI’s ETFE films/foils are produced from ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene co-polymer resin using a melt extrusion casting process. These films have a low permeability to liquids, gases, moisture, and organic vapors with a high elongation and tear resistance. ETFE foils can be heat-sealed, thermoformed, and laminated to various substrates. TCI’s films are free of plasticizers, processing aids, or additives. Our ETFE films have excellent light transmission (>90%) and clarity with a high transmittance of ultraviolet and all wavelengths, except far infrared. These films have excellent non-stick/release properties and superior weatherability in outdoor exposure. TCI’s ETFE foils are ideally suited for architectural, photovoltaic-solar, and mold release applications.

TCI offers ETFE films/foils in thicknesses ranging from 0.0005" to 0.010" (12 to 250 mμ), with a standard width of 60” (1,524 mm). The maximum width available for ETFE films is 62” (1,575 mm). Slit widths are available upon request. These films have a high dielectric strength: 5,500 V/mil for 1-mil film (215 kV/mm for 25 mµ film). ETFE foils have a broad continuous use temperature range between -328°F and 330°F (-200°C to 165 °C). ETFE films are reliable with a short-term exposure temperature up to 400°F (204°C) and a melt temperature minimum of 500°F (260°C). Bondable (plasma treated or chemically etched) surfaces are available.

ETFE PG (Premium Grade)

TCI manufactures our ETFE membrane Premium Grade (PG) from 100% virgin premium grade ETFE resin. We recommend ETFE PG membrane for any application requiring visual perfection. Due to ETFE's unique combination of high light transmission, clarity, and durability, it is the premium choice for projects such as architectural roofing, front glazing of solar panels, decorative, anti-graffiti, and greenhouses.

ETFE AG (Architectural Grade)

TCI's ETFE AG Films are manufactured from 100% virgin premium grade ETFE resin. ETFE AG is the grade of choice for applications requiring visual perfection. ETFE's unique combination of high light transmission, clarity, and durability make it an invaluable material for applications such as architectural roofing and greenhouses. TCI's ETFE AG is available in clear, white, or printed films for solar control and shading.

ETFE MR (Mold Release Grade)

TCI's ETFE Mold Release (MR) grade film is the material of choice for a release film in high temperature composite molding due to its superior non-stick properties and high upper use temperature in static applications. This film has a higher area yield than either FEP or PTFE films by over 20%: 110 ft2/lb. for 1 mil film (22.6 m2/kg for 25 mµ film). ETFE MR film has high elongation and excellent conformability to complex, contoured molds. TCI produces our ETFE MR film in standard colors including red and light blue, and also produces custom colors upon request. These films are available in a variety of perforated patterns.

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