TCI can provide a multitude of films/foils for use in the solar industry, including ETFE, ECTFE and PVDF films. The combination of excellent solar light transmission, UV resistance, and outdoor durability makes TCI extruded films the materials of choice for front and back sheets of flexible PV panels and glazing of solar collectors. Due to their excellent dielectric performance, fire resistance, and high solar transmittance, PVDF, ECTFE and ETFE films are well suited for use in the back sheet and front sheet glazing of PV panels. They are used extensively as an external material for the back sheet, protecting the PV Module from the environment for an extended period. TCI also offers plasma-treated surfaces for bonding or lamination.

Solar cells made from TCI materials offer strong impact resistance and can withstand harsh environments. Compared to traditional glass, TCI fluoropolymer films are light-weight and self-cleaning, making them a more cost-effective and durable product. Fluoropolymer films also eliminate structural weight limitations and rigidity imposed by glass, thereby improving the integration of PV modules into complex shapes. By using TCI solar solutions, you can more efficiently reach higher levels of generated power output with fewer PV modules without the weight and rigidity of traditional solutions.