FEP Films

FEP film

TCI produces FEP films/foils from Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) resin using a melt extrusion casting process. TCI’s FEP films offer all the benefits of fluorinated films, such as high temperature and chemical resistance, non-stick properties, and superior dielectric performance. FEP foils  are chemically inert and solvent resistant to most chemicals. They also have superior anti-stick and low friction properties. FEP films can be heat-sealed, thermoformed, laminated to various substrates, and serve as a melt adhesive. Our FEP foils have excellent light transmission and clarity while remaining free of plasticizers, processing aids, or additives. TCI FEP films are acceptable for food contact and meet the requirements of US Pharmacopeia protocol for USP class VI plastic.

FEP films are proven to be continuously effective in temperatures ranging -400°F to 400°F (-240°C to 205°C), with an intermittent service temperature up to 500°F (260°C). TCI offers FEP films ranging in thickness from 0.0005" to 0.010" (12 to 250 mμ), with a standard width up to 60” (1,524 mm). TCI can manufacture films with a thickness greater than 0.002” in widths up to 62” (1,575 mm) wide. Slit widths and bondable (plasma treated or chemically etched) surfaces are available upon request. Some materials may have specific limitations.

FEP PG (Premium Grade)

FEP Premium Grade (PG) films are manufactured out of 100% virgin premium grade FEP resin with an MFI range of 5-10. This grade of FEP film is best suited for applications where high dielectric performance is required, such as PCB laminates and wire & cable applications. It is also the grade of choice for protective, decorative, and see-through applications, as well as other applications where visual appearance and clarity are important. TCI's FEP PG films meet ASTM D3368 specification for Type I FEP film.

FEP WG (Welding Grade)

FEP Welding Grade (WG) films are the perfect economical solution for heat sealing, welding, and other melt adhesive applications that don't have high aesthetics requirements. Compared to FEP PG grade films, FEP WG offers15-20% cost savings. TCI's FEP WG films meet ASTM D3368 standards for Type I - general purpose FEP film.

FEP MR (Mold Release Grade)

TCI's FEP Mold Release (MR) grade films meet ASTM D3368 standards for Type IV – mold release FEP film. Due to its superior non-stick performance and maximum service temperature of 400°F (205°C), FEP MR films are the material of choice in high temperature composite molding. Features of our MR films include high elongation and excellent conformability to complex contoured molds. TCI offers this film in the standard colors of red, violet, and white; custom colors and perforated patterns are available upon request.

FEP HG (High Molecular Weight Grade)

FEP High Molecular Weight (HG) grade films are the material of choice for chemical tank linings, pump diaphragms and rupture discs. FEP HG films offer superior stress-crack resistance and flex endurance performance (250,000 cycles MIT test). This material meets ASTM D3368 standards for Type III FEP film. TCI offers FEP HG in thicknesses of 0.005", 0.010", 0.020" and 0.030". Films with thicknesses of 0.020" and 0.030" have a maximum width of 49" (1250 mm).

FEP Film Applications